Most Republicans Too Are Fools

Don’t be fooled, by most Republicans’ opposition to the nation’s new “stimulus”/spending plan, into thinking that Republicans are on the side of freedom. The Republicans had their own “stimulus”/spending plans. The Republicans too wanted to increase government spending instead of cutting it. Instead of cutting government spending, the Republicans wanted to cut taxes; in other words, the Republicans wanted to do less robbing (through taxing) and more stealing (through deficit spending).

And the Republicans, like the Democrats, think it helps to stimulate people to buy things like home-theatre centers, when what those people need is savings for things like health care when they get sick. Like the Democrats, Republicans have accepted the Keynesian drivel that consumption, not production, drives an economy, that it is better to consume than produce, that producers depend on consumers, that consumers—not producers—deserve the credit for our prosperity. Like the Democrats, Republicans have swallowed the Marxist labor theory of value, and believe that the measure of production is how many jobs were required, that it is better to create jobs than products.

To the Republicans, like the Democrats, the job of productive geniuses is to provide jobs for everyone else. The idea of the welfare state has reached a deeper level. According to this idea, the “people” must be provided not only with products and services such as food, shelter, and health care, but they must also be provided with a job so that they can hold the illusion that they are earning their living.

The Republicans may seem better when they are resisting the Democrats, but they would be about as bad if they were still running Washington.