Laughter, Weeping, and Crying – Update

My March 4th post on Laughter, Weeping, and Crying was a revision of something I wrote in 1999. At that time, I had done some library research on the topic, but had not found any source of much use. But last week, thanks to the Internet and Google, I did find an excellent source: The Emotions, by Nico H. Frijda (Cambridge University Press, 1986).

I don’t even have the book yet; it is checked out at the university library I use. But Google Book Search has a preview of the book online. Pages 51-55 include, among other thoughts, explanations similar to mine regarding laughter, weeping and crying.

Now that I know where in the library to look, perhaps I can find additional sources on this topic by browsing the stacks. How did I miss what seems an obvious place to look (books on the emotions)? I was looking for works specifically on laughter, weeping, or crying. (Sighing.)