Thank You, US Navy

Congratulations and thanks to the U.S. Navy and Capt. Richard Phillips for the successful rescue of Capt. Phillips and the killing and capture of the pirates.

When dealing with evil, deadly force is the answer.

If only our government had the principled, moral courage to unleash our awesome military might to destroy the pirates’ land bases.

2 thoughts on “Thank You, US Navy

  1. But what about the pirates’ “civil rights?” Did the SEAL team read them their Miranda rights over a bull horn before shooting them dead? Perhaps Obama can have the United Nations convein an internaional grand jury to see if shooting them was criminal? Secretary Clinton must look into this, and treat it like a crime scene on the high seas. Everyone knows that piracy and terrorism are not acts of war, but a “crime” punishable by a stern letter from the U.N.

  2. On the other hand:
    Comments from Right field:

    To any Seals out there:
    Great training and shooting.
    If Admiral Gortney is worried about retaliation for THE US FIGHTING BACK (then leave the military and work for the UN.)

    RE To The port city of EYL, (where the pirates operate out of

    To the Somali Sultans,
    “You’ve got one month to release all hostages and produce pirates. Then we start carpet bombing starting with EYL and then Mogadishu. When all thats left is sand, it can be shipped to europe to provide traction for the winter roads.

    Boycotting the following would be a start for their attitude and reporting of our heroism:
    NBC (GE) CBS CNN (Chicken Noodle News) MSNBC (I get a warm tingle when I think of King Obie)

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