Now is the Time to Strike Iran

The current rioting in Iran over Iran’s sham presidential election (in which all candidates were approved by the religious Guardian Council, ultimately selected by the religious Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei) provides a good window of opportunity for a military strike by the U.S. and Israel against Iran. Of course, this won’t happen.

If any of the Iranian rioters are in fact champions for freedom instead of merely supporters of an alternative dictator, nothing would inspire them more than an attack now on Iran’s nuclear facilities and other military installations. Even better would be a concurrent attack on and/or seizure of Iran’s oil assets.

Because Israel and the U.S. have waited so long to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, the outcome of such a targeted strike is uncertain. But now, with Iran’s government distracted with the riots, the chance for total success is greatest. And we have nothing to lose. Any damage we can inflict on Iran now will be moral support for any good people in Iran.

If Iran tries to respond militarily against us, now is the time that we can fight—and win—an all-out war with Iran with the least risk of casualties to Americans.

Of course, the U.S. government will not strike Iran. Instead, somewhere down the road, many Americans, Isrealis, and innocent Iranians (such as there are) will be killed. Instead of our striking when our enemies are weak, our enemies will strike us when we are weaker and they are stronger.

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