Film Recommendation: Not Evil Just Wrong

I just finished watching the premiere of Not Evil Just Wrong: The True Cost of Global Warming Hysteria. After I write this post, I am going to order my copy of the DVD. The film debunks some of the deceitful claims of Al Gore and the environmentalist movement (I say “some” because it would take many movies to debunk a large fraction of all such deceitful claims): drastic ocean rises, disappearing ice caps due to the actions of man, carbon dioxide as a main driver of temperature, rising temperatures in recent years, and dangers of DDT. Partly through the words of one mother whose child died of malaria, the film also informs of millions of deaths already caused by environmentalism (through the resurrection of malaria brought on by the banning of DDT), and of billions more deaths that will occur if environmentalists—including global-warming alarmists—continue to have their way.

My quibble with the film is its title. I think that environmentalism is indeed evil.