A Tyrant’s Notion of Man

At his “Jobs Forum” yesterday, Obama said this:

It is only when the private sector starts to reinvest again, only when our businesses start hiring again and people start spending again and families start seeing improvement in their own lives again that we’re going to have the kind of economy that we want. That’s the measure of a real economic recovery.

So that’s why I’ve invited all of you here today. Many of you run businesses yourselves. Each of you is an expert on some aspect of job creation. Collectively, your views span the spectrum. That was deliberate. We’ve looking for fresh perspectives and new ideas.

I am open to every demonstrably good idea, and I want to take every responsible step to accelerate job creation.

In other words: Tell me what to tell you to tell people to do.

Such a mentality does not grasp the nature of man and the meaning of freedom.

Need I elaborate? Time permitting, I may do so this weekend.

3 thoughts on “A Tyrant’s Notion of Man

  1. I wish John Galt stood up and told Obama to abolish the income tax. Then we’d see just how “open to every demonstrably good idea” he really is. No, wait a minute: if we did that then how would the government be able to pay 58% of our workforce. (From US News & World Report): “Economist Gary Shilling has calculated that 58 percent of the population is dependent on the government for “major parts of their income,” including teachers, soldiers, bureaucrats, and other government employees; welfare and Social Security recipients; government pensioners; public housing beneficiaries; and people who work for government contractors.”

    I’m sure that 58% is just as productive and the other 42%… ha. How about trimming the fat, Obama? Keep the soldiers, give them a valid mission, and expunge the rest.

    But he never will, because Ron’s much deeper point is correct: Obama does not look at man and see Roark. He sees the blurry mass of a crowd telling him how great he is.

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