Health Care or the Welfare State

Yesterday, in an interview with Fox News, Obama said this:

[T]here are a lot more people who are concerned about the fact that they may be losing their house or going bankrupt because of health care.

Earlier in the week, Obama and numerous other Democrats made a big deal about how a particular woman, ‘Natoma’ (Canfield), had to choose between continuing her health insurance payments or her mortgage payments to keep her house.

Let’s leave aside that many Americans, myself included, are financially responsible enough to realize that we cannot afford our own house, yet Obama wants to force us to pay the government so that this woman and others like her can keep her house.

Instead, let’s ask this question: What about the taxes that this woman is forced to pay and has been forced to pay in the past? This woman had a job and presumably paid thousands of dollars annually in income tax and payroll taxes all her life. She presumably paid thousands of dollars annually in property taxes on her house. The vast majority—far more than four fifths (at the federal and state and local levels)—of taxes today go to the welfare state (Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, food stamps, welfare payments, public housing, public education, etc.) instead of to the military, courts, and police (the only proper functions of government). Certainly, this woman has always paid more for the welfare state than for her own health insurance. (And the price of her health insurance has skyrocketed surely for the same reason that mine has: because of all the government mandates on what health insurance policies must cover.) Why didn’t Obama and the other Democrats say that this woman had an alternative of paying for her own health care or paying for the health care, education, and ‘welfare’ of others chosen by government? Why isn’t this choice the choice that our politicians offer to Americans?

That’s a ‘choice’ I face this year. I can afford health insurance or taxes, not both. What will the IRS say to me if I tell them that I could not pay income tax because I paid for my own health care instead? Or if I pay income tax instead, and lose my health insurance, and get sick and die, will Obama blame my death on high taxes? He should, but he won’t.

According to Obama and other Democrats, many Americans are dying every day because they could not keep their health insurance. But our politicians continue cavalierly—on the most frivolous of projects—to spend money taxed from such Americans, money that such Americans could otherwise have used to keep their health insurance.

In effect, the government is requiring that private citizens give their life for the welfare state.

Of course, this line of thinking never even occurs to Obama and his cronies. Of course, none of them would ever think even to inquire into how much their sad woman ‘Natoma’ paid in taxes. Whenever they talk about the economic hardships that so many hard-working Americans face, they never talk about how much of the hard-earned money of these families is taxed and spent by government, even when this taxing and spending ends in death.

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  1. You said it.:-) I never get this: People can’t afford to pay for stuff so we need to tax them heavily so we can add layers of overpaid bureaucrats as middlemen to pay for it on their behalves…

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