They rob our dollars until we need their dimes.

Today Pelosi, Hoyer, and other Democrats introduced another guy who needs the government’s help to pay for health care. He is Ed Morris, a small business owner who says he cannot afford to pay for his employees’ health insurance anymore because of skyrocketing premiums.

Let’s leave aside that, as one conservative blogger noted, this guy’s company is getting a big government grant to expand its facility.

What about business owners who really cannot afford to pay for health insurance anymore? How much are these business owners and their employees paying in personal income tax, corporate income tax, payroll taxes, property taxes, and countless other taxes—not to mention deficit spending—that go to the welfare state? If these people did not have these taxes to pay, they certainly would be able to afford health insurance and many other things.

Health care is one sixth of the economy? The welfare state—federal, state and local—is one half of the economy, not to mention all the coercive controls on the other half.

Doctors, patients, the owners of insurance companies—we all are victims of the government’s confiscations and controls.

They rob our dollars until we fight each other over dimes.

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  1. A mind-bendingly complex Big Brother boondoggle which is GUARENTEED to raise costs and lower quality of health care! In the long run, more people are going to get sick and DIE under this “reform.”

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