The Real Immorality of Congressman Weiner

The scandal over the lewd photo of U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner (D – New York) sent from the Congressman’s Twitter account has received much press the last few days. But no one seems to have identified what should be the most scandalous part of the scandal: this statement by Weiner.

I think that what people really want to talk about are things like the debt limit vote tonight or things like — like the — the oppressive disparity between the very well-to-do in this country and people that don’t have as much or the fact that it’s more and more difficult being in the middle class in this country. [Emphasis added.]

Am I oppressed because I “don’t have as much” as Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or even a run-of-the-mill millionaire (who earned his millions while I did not [added 6/6/2011])? And who are my oppressors? Since any millionaire is free to share his millions with me but has not done so, every millionaire must be—by Weiner’s premise—my oppressor and an oppressor of millions of other Americans. What punishment is too severe for an oppressor of millions of people? Or, to rephrase the question from a more reasonable context, what oppression of millionaires is too severe to be advocated by Weiner and his ilk?

Weiner is nothing special, just another liberal Democrat—who accepts the basic premises of socialism whether he realizes it or not—like the others in Congress and the White House.