The Political Left is Wrong About Everything

Even when the Left opposes something wrong, it supports something worse.

The Left does not oppose religion and mysticism as such, but rather the Western Judeo-Christian tradition in particular: the least mystical religion today because of its infusion of Aristotle via Aquinas. The Left supports all other religions and mystical beliefs: Islam, Buddhism, Eastern religions, all kinds of ‘New Age’ fads, and—that most primitive and mystical of all Western religions—environmentalism. Even among Christians, the Christian Left is worse than the Christian Right. Christian Obama rejects the traditional Christian notion of the individual soul’s salvation, and supports the notion of ‘collective salvation’.

The Left opposes the anti-abortionist notion that a human fertilized egg has rights, but supports the environmentalist notion that future generations of rodents and plants have rights. The Left opposes sexual traditions such as abstinence before marriage, but promotes promiscuity.

It should be no surprise that virtually the only schools that teach Aristotelian logic are parochial schools.

My friends who have read Ayn Rand will understand this statement: Subjectivism is worse than intrinsicism.

4 thoughts on “The Political Left is Wrong About Everything

  1. Currently, Roman Catholicism is the leading Western Judeo-Christian religion (at least in America, where it boasted nearly 70,000,000 professed adherents, as of 2009–about 50,000,000 more than the second-largest membership, which consists of the Southern Baptists). And that success, in America and elsewhere, may well be owing to Aquinas’s attempted “humanization” of the cult: his efforts did, as you imply, offer a greater chance of survival to its congregants, through the partial rebirth of reason. (Whether this improvement was for good or ill in the long-term, for any but the church leaders, is arguable.)

    That said, it has nonetheless always been one of the most pernicious of religions, for many reasons. Paramount amongst those many is (1) its deliberate inculcation of guilt and fear–which, though aiding greatly with recruitment and control, also severely undermines the psychological health of its congregants; and (2) its use of instant exoneration (via the confessional)–which leads to gross hypocrisy (and, incidentally, the inculcation of subjectivism). (Having myself been “raised” within the religion, I can testify to the ubiquity of all of the cited traits, within my past circle.)

    In modern times (and probably well before), Catholicism is, to my knowledge, also the only major religion that manages to both foster and accommodate pedophilia, probably owing to its condemnation of adult sex and emphasis on abstinence. I don’t think this is true of, for example, Southern Baptism, and most other popular religious cults, whether Eastern or Western–but I could be wrong.

    …. I could go on—but I won’t. Because I hate thinking about the vile.

  2. PS For those that may be oblivious, I should also point out that the current leading American “political representative” of Roman Catholicism is—Representative Paul Ryan.

  3. “Surely abstinence is worse than promiscuity.”

    This sounds like irony. But on the off-chance that it isn’t, I’ll just point out that they’re only false alternatives. (Akin–somewhat–to the candidates in the current election.)

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