Republicans have a significant altruist/collectivist element in their thinking, but at least that element is tempered by an element of reason/individualism. Democrats don’t have the element of reason/individualism. They speak incessantly of altruism (‘other’-ism etymologically), sacrifice, “shared prosperity,” and ‘coming together’. Moreover, even when they think they are being individualist, they are still being collectivist.

In his keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention yesterday, Julian Castro spoke repeatedly of the government “investing”—in “opportunity,” in “a workforce,” in “our young minds,” in “people,” in “our shared prosperity”—thereby denying the reasoning ability and the right of individuals to invest their own capital.

The least collectivist element of Michelle Obama’s speech yesterday was about working hard; but the message in essence was that “if you work hard and do what you’re supposed to do”—and Mrs. Obama used personal examples of manual laborers, not productive thinkers—we in government will take from others to give you even more than you have earned. Her premise is essentially Marx’s labor theory of value—the view that the value of a product is the amount of physical labor that was used to make it—denying individual rights and the role of the individual, rational mind in production.