How Republicans in Congress Can Win the Election for Romney

Promise to treat President Romney like a Democrat.

On October 19, Rasmussen Reports stated,

Among those who Somewhat Disapprove of Obama’s performance, Romney gets just 68% of the vote. Kerry got 80% support from those who Somewhat Disapproved of Bush. This may suggest that some who are disappointed by Obama’s performance remain unconvinced that the Republican challenger would do any better.

I am one of those who knows that Obama has been a terrible President, but I am still not persuaded to vote for Romney.

Romney showed in the debates–see my recent posts–that he, like Obama, is essentially a fascist: Romney wants to harness the productive capacity of capitalism to support the goals of socialism.

Romney thinks the purpose of government is to provide health care, education, and other goods “to people who are less fortunate and can’t care for themselves.” Romney differs from Obama in that Romney wants to give businesses a little more leeway—though not much—in running their businesses; but Romney’s stated ultimate goal for these businesses is the same as Obama’s: the production of goods that the government will decide how to distribute.

Recall this significant passage by another fascist:

Great are the tasks of the National Government in the Sphere of Economic Life. Here all action must be governed by one law: the people does not live for business and business does not exist for capital, but capital serves business and business serves the people. —Adolf Hitler on March 23, 1933 (his 52nd day as Chancellor of Germany).

[Hitler, Adolf (1941) The New Germany Desires Work And Peace. Speeches By Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler The Leader Of The New Germany. With An Introduction By Dr. Joseph Goebbels. (Berlin: Liebheit & Thieson), p. 20.]

To be sure, Obama’s policies are more fascist than Romney’s. More importantly, Obama has demonstrated a willingness to circumvent Congress and perhaps the law—via regulatory directives, such as the EPA’s regulations against carbon emissions, and by refusing to cooperate with Congressional and other federal investigations as in the cases of ‘Fast and Furious’, voter intimidation, and now Benghazi. Moreover, Obama’s foreign policy consists of unilateral disarmament and egalitarianism.

On the other hand, Republicans in Congress, who appropriately scream bloody murder when Democratic Presidents propose fascist policies such as Obamacare, have demonstrated a willingness to let Republican Presidents—such as George W. Bush, with his Sarbanes-Oxley regulation of business, and ‘free’ prescription drugs for the elderly—get away with fascism at home and weakness abroad. Even worse, the failures of Republican Presidents then get blamed falsely on capitalism.

Many Republican and independent voters know these facts, and they therefore resist voting for Romney.

So here is how Republicans in Congress can save the day. Call a spade a spade. Acknowledge publicly that Romney is essentially a Democrat in his policies. Promise to treat him as such when he takes office. Promise to resist him when he tries to spend more on the welfare state, control business more, and appease our enemies abroad.

And then keep your promise. Doing so will not only get Romney elected, but will save the country—if it’s not already too late.

5 thoughts on “How Republicans in Congress Can Win the Election for Romney

  1. (1) Republicans only oppose fascist policies of Democrats BECAUSE the policies are proposed by Democrats. (Do you really think that they, the Republicans, are in any way principled??? My God! They are only interested in protecting their pensions–and in attaining, or maintaining, political power.)

    (2) If we’re now reduced to relying on the “promises” of entrenched Republican bureaucrats to save us, then it is already far “too late.”

    And it is… –far “too late”, that is. Prepare for the worst–which is coming; and that, regardless of any election results.

  2. “and by refusing to cooperate with Congressional and other federal investigations as in the cases of ‘Fast and Furious’, voter intimidation, and now Benghazi.”

    Fox News is lying to you, and you are uncritically accepting their narrative. Fast and Furious began and was in full operation under Bush, there is not one shred of evidence, after YEARS of investigation that Holder knew anything.

    Voter intimidation? Republicans are more in the guilt than anyone (see vote suppression stories [1][2]

    Romney is the best the Republican party could muster after a very long, intense primary. What makes you think the republicans in Congress are any better? Honestly curious. Thanks,

    1) http://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2012/09/06/Ohio-official-called-to-court-in-vote-suit/UPI-73351346954549/

  3. James, I agree with the argument that voting has been made too easy. A rabble rouser—the new term is ‘community organizer’—can now round up a bunch of ignoramouses and cart them to the voting booth to follow orders of the rabble rouser. I also am against allowing early voting, which is akin to letting a jury vote before the trial is over.

    I would not doubt that there are unscrupulous Republicans who are trying to swing the election their way by unjust means. But there is a long history of Democrats committing or supporting outright voter intimidation and fraud. ACORN, Lyndon Johnson in Texas, and Holder’s dismissal of the case against the New Black Panthers are three of many, many examples.

    In my many years of life, I have overwhelming first-hand evidence that Republicans in general are far, far more honest than Democrats, and that Fox News is far more objective than mainstream media sources. The philosophical reason is that more Democrats are subjectivists. They believe that belief creates truth, and everyone’s truth is different. They believe that no individual really knows anything, and so no individual really deserves his personal success, and so the capitalist system is rigged by the rich against the rest, and so it’s okay to lie and cheat and steal to get even.

    Let’s see which of us is more informed in the case of Fast and Furious. As someone who used to watch Fox News and now watches Glenn Beck’s network, I knew that a gun-tracing operation existed under GW Bush. But did you, as someone who follows mainstream and leftist sources, know these differences between Operation Fast and Furious and Operation Wide Receiver?

    But if your sources are more thorough or reliable than mine on this issue, please share. I mean that sincerely.

    Regarding what Holder knew about Fast and Furious, note your quotation of me: “and by refusing to cooperate with Congressional and other federal investigations as in the cases of ‘Fast and Furious’ … . ” Do you dispute my statement? For one thing, Holder refused to turn over many subpoenaed documents. Obama eventually granted Holder executive privilege, but do you dismiss my questioning the legitimacy of Obama’s action? And there certainly is strong circumstantial evidence that Holder knew about the program. The DOJ’s own internal investigation concluded that DOJ officials should have told him; that in itself is circumstantial evidence, enough for an outside investigation. It’s not surprising that there is not conclusive evidence, because Holder has refused to turn over subpoenaed documents!

    I cannot resist a final comment. Fast and Furious is just one more of many examples–see http://ronpisaturo.com/blog/2011/08/08/why-the-republicans-capitulated-on-the-debt-deal/ –in which Obama and his supporters defend Obama’s actions by saying, “Bush did it too.” And then they turn around and blame Bush for everything. As I stated at length even before Obama took office as President, Obama is more of the same:

    So what makes me think Republicans are any better than Obama or Romney? I think many of them are less of the same: less fascism. And I think that a handful of them, such as Sen. Mike Lee of Utah, are actually good, because they stand for individual rights. But I am by no means optimistic about the Republicans in general. After all, none of them, to my knowledge, have criticized Romney for his leftist statements in the general campaign.

    And now I must go vote.

  4. The Republicans deserved every one of their losses; I’m glad they were incurred.

    The Democrats deserved none of their wins; I’m sorry they materialized.

    And the country?…. It was bound to lose: either way, and any way.

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