Quang Nguyen, American Patriot

In a recent post, I wrote,

We don’t have an immigration problem; we have a welfare-state problem. It used to be that immigrants came to America for freedom, and so America got most of the world’s best people. Since the rise of the welfare state, some still come here for freedom, but others come for handouts.

Quang Nguyen is an American patriot, emigrated from Vietnam in 1975 at age 13, who is here for freedom. It goes without saying that virtually all immigrants from Vietnam escaped unspeakable persecution from communists and arrived in America with virtually no material possessions and no knowledge of the English language. Today, Quang is the founder and President of his own advertising agency, Caddis Advertising.

Quang also co-founded an organization called Patriot Network Productions. The Web site states,

Quang has deep affection and respect for Vietnamese and American Veterans who fought for freedom and against communism in his old country of Vietnam. He realizes that his personal freedom and liberty are given to him by those who fought and bled in a rather unpopular war.

With an invitation and permission of time, Quang travels to visit with Vietnam Veterans to speak and give thanks and appreciation for the life given to him by their blood and sweat.

It is a tragic irony that the evil of collectivism, which Quang escaped as a child, is now destroying America from within. Quang discussed this predicament on a recent episode of The Victoria Jackson Show entitled “Vietnamese Survivor Escapes Communism Only To Find It In America.” Speaking of the Obama Administration and his personal experience under communism, Quang says, “Socialism is just a stepping stone to communism, and the only difference between the two is that one has an AK-47 and one hasn’t gotten one yet.”

Quang is a vivid illustration of the principles of free will and individual rights. Contrast the Occupy Wall Streeters —privileged parasites who are never satisfied with the loot that the government plunders for them—with Quang, who eschews handouts from government, learns a new language in a new land, works fourteen-hour days, and earns his own living.

Quang chooses to be productive, not by chanting that he wants to force someone to give him a job, but by choosing every second of every fourteen-hour workday to focus his mind. To the extent that individual rights are still protected in America, Quang owns what he earns—no more and no less. That is enough for Quang and for any other true American.

10 thoughts on “Quang Nguyen, American Patriot

  1. Great post!
    People who blame immigrants for the welfare problem wish and work not to see hard working people like Quang!

  2. The USA’s current politics sicken me. How many millions of our fellow citizens (including our esteemed legislators) would even be Americans if our ancestors had to contend with current immigration policy?

    You and I would not be here for sure.

  3. Not only does Quang bring an unquenchable spirit of patriotism to the fight, but he also brings unmatchable amounts of talent! America should USE him!

  4. I know Q. It is difficult enough to write about him and capture his passion for America, and veterans in particular. There is so much more. He is a husband and father in a wonderful family with two achieving children. He is a businessman with an artistic flair for fine art. He can fly fish with the best of them.

    Best of all, he is a good friend.

  5. I know Quang through his e-mails to me, and his telephone calls to me. He is a very, very busy man, but, invaribly he will take the time to speak with me at least once a month. I am one of the many, many GI’s who was in Vietnam. He has always told me how grateful that he is to all of us, no matter what job we did while we were there. He has achieved much and, what he has achieved is through hard work. He works hard at a number of occupations and yet, still finds the time to make time for his family. May God Bless Quang and all of his family.

  6. !?”Q” (affectionally used) by all of us in the DAWGS Project, have very high regards for Quang. Our project is to support Military Working Dog (MWD) in the Southwest by providing them with support and K-9 comradeship whenever possible. Quang is a very special guest and articulate motivator to our present day K-9 teams. The DAWGS. Project values our association with hum.

  7. Having been a nurse on the USS REPOSE during the height of the Vietnam war, I am most grateful for the gratitude Quang has shown for the vets. I am very fond of the Vietnamese people and I feel that Quang speaks for so many of those who have immigrated to America. What a privilege it is to be his “Big Sister”.

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