Invitation to Comment on my Essay on Sexual Orientation

Individuals who have read my entire essay, “The Volitional, Objective Basis for Heterosexuality in Romantic Love and Marriage,” are invited to submit comments here. I will approve comments that I judge to be thoughtful, civil, and of interest to readers.

I will reply to comments only time permitting and if I have something to add to what I have already written.

For your convenience, here again are the links to each of the six parts of the essay. (On August 20, 2013, I have inserted the main headings that appear in each part.)

Part 1:
– (Introduction)
– References

Part 2:
– Heterosexuality in Romantic Love and Sex

Part 3:
– The Role of Volition in Sexual Orientation
– Judging Homosexuality—If the Law Will Allow It

Part 4:
– Etiology of Sexual Orientation: The Mainstream Theories

Part 5:
– LGBT Ideology: Evasion Propped Up by New-Left Subjectivism

Part 6:
– Marriage as Heterosexual
– Conclusion

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2 thoughts on “Invitation to Comment on my Essay on Sexual Orientation

  1. I want to recommend this set of posts. I agree with everything Ron wrote. I think this material is important for any serious student of Objectivism (and others, of course).

    First, the topic is complex, deep, and important. I believe Ron makes new identifications about the nature of sexuality. Ron also provides a devastating critique of the malignant ideas underlying the LGBT movement; but, as usual, Ron’s main contribution is on what is right, not what is wrong.

    More generally, Ron’s method is a brilliant example of how thinking should be done. He starts with the facts, and then proceeds logically, ruthlessly, and benevolently to arrive at a positive theory. In addition, having read voluminously about those thinkers with whom he disagrees, he gives them their day in court without prejudice–in the court of reason, the highest of all courts. When he concludes that they have no argument in reason for their positions, he has shown that that is true.

    I hope that this essay will stimulate rational, benevolent discussion of this important issue.

  2. American law enforcement are now getting federal VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) pork bloating dollars for male arrest statistics (and no federal pork bloating dollars for female arrest statistics), and are also manufacturing the untruth that only 2% of rape accusations are false. See here:
    I believe that when American law enforcement got into the manufactured statistics business they crossed the line of “policing powers” that the constitution calls for, and are perversely “empowering” a gender-feminist community who inflame the public with these perverse and manufactured statistics. The American gender-feminist community “empower” themselves (mostly on university campuses) over all other groups seeking a voice.

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