The New Majority of Republicans

“The Republicans capitulated to the Democrats because they are just like the Democrats: they are sacrificers—sacrificing the producers to the nonproducers.”

I wrote the statement above on August 8, 2011, shortly after the Republicans capitulated to the Democrats, allowing the debt ceiling to be raised by more than $2 trillion in return for reducing—by a mere $25 billion—projected increases in spending.

This past Wednesday, Republicans capitulated to Democrats again, abandoning almost all provisions against Obamacare, and approving the ‘shutdown’-ending Continuing Resolution and the increase in the debt ceiling that were sought by Democrats.

But this time, many more House Republicans held out to the end.

In 2011, 174 Republicans voted Yes, and only 66 voted No. But this week, only 87 House Republicans voted Yes, and 144 voted No, against House Speaker John Boehner.

On the other hand, Republican performance in the Senate changed little. In 2011, 28 Republican Senators voted Yes, and 19 voted No. Last week, 27 Republican Senators voted Yes, and 18 voted No.

What caused the change in the House? Was it the campaign led by Senator Ted Cruz? Possibly so. Whatever the cause, I think the change is significant. More Republicans, though not enough of them, stood on principle.

That nearly two thirds of House Republicans stood against Republican Speaker Boehner suggests that there are enough Republicans now to leave the GOP and start a new, principled party that has a reasonable chance to become the leading political party in America.

I think it is better for the new majority of Republicans to leave the GOP rather than to try to take over the GOP. The current GOP is filled with anti-principled corruption, not merely in its elected officials, but in every level of the party’s infrastructure of operatives, business partners, lobbyists, contacts, and donors. The best way to purge the unprincipled individuals is to start completely fresh.

Similarly, whatever Obama’s own motives behind his America-destroying Presidency, the fact that a seminal event in Obama’s political career was hosted in the home of William Ayers—an avowed communist who bombed New York City Police Department headquarters, the United States Capitol building, and the Pentagon—is strong evidence that Obama’s political machine contains many individuals deliberately trying to destroy the United States of America.