A Declared War Against Islamic States is Decades Overdue

Daniel Greenfield is right: “The right way to respond to the terror attack against Charlie Hebdo is to fight the Islamic/Leftist attempt to isolate critics by reposting the Hebdo Mohammed cartoons.”

That is the right way for private citizens to respond to yesterday’s attack. (See the cartoon below, as I do my part.) Elected officials also should repost these cartoons. A real President would put life-size posters of the cartoons on the White House lawn.

But such a response is only a small part of what the official response of government should be and should have been a long time ago: a declaration of war against Iran, its satellites, and every other Islamic state that does not surrender immediately to the United States of America.

As I wrote on September 28, 2001,

Our problem began when we Americans, failing to defend our rational self-interest, put wealth in the hands of savages by letting them rob our oil fields. It will end when we use our might, including our nuclear arsenal, to crush their evil governments, take back our property, and isolate, colonize, and settle the lands the savages now roam.

It may now be too late to avoid the murder of many thousands or even millions of Americans by Islamists already on American soil, financed and/or emboldened by Islamic states and further emboldened by our moral weakness. That is the price we pay for delay. The longer we delay—and the Obama Adminstration certainly will continue to delay, as prior administrations did—the more terrible the ultimate price will be.

What will anti-gun, big-city liberals do when thousands of Islamists already in America go on a murderous rampage? The liberals will use their fancy cell phones to call 911 and tweet their friends. And then they and their children will die.

It is futile to try to persuade the Obama regime to defend the rights of Americans, because Obama himself violates the rights of Americans, and he aligns himself with every variant—in America and around the globe—of hatred of individual rights. Obama appeases and emboldens Iran, Syria, Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, Hamas, anti-capitalist and racist protestors in America, and enemies entering through our borders, while vilifying and abusing Israel, the Tea Party, taxpayers, law-abiding gun owners, independent journalists and filmmakers, productive businesses, and all champions of freedom.

What then can an individual do?

Live in a part of the country where the good guys out-gun the bad guys, and contribute to that advantage.

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