Comparing Islam to Nazism to Obamism

The difference between Nazis (National Socialists) and Muslims is that Nazis turned their mind over to a funny-looking monster with a mustache, while Muslims turn their mind over to a funny-looking—at least according to the cartoons—monster with a beard.

When people let someone else do their thinking for them, they are ready to do his killing for him.

In America, half the people have turned their minds over to a funny-looking potential monster with spread ears.

Murderous rulers do not gain wide support merely by promising to kill people. They gain support by promising rewards for non-thinking and blind following: rewards ranging from free food to free education/indoctrination to free health care to free condoms to free virgins.

It is no accident that such rulers always vilify the thinkers, and always kill the thinkers first.

Is Obama himself a would-be willful mass murderer? It is impossible to tell, because the U.S. Constitution and the other half of the people still keep him somewhat in check. But Obama is paving the way for such a monster in America, as he has helped pave the way for murderers in the name of the monster with the beard, about whom Obama has famously said, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

A prophet is one who would do your thinking for you.