My new book, The Volitional, Objective Basis for Heterosexuality in Romantic Love and Marriage, has just been published on Amazon Kindle. The price is $3, and here is the link.

This is from the preface of my book:

This book began as a series of blog posts, each installment of which I published before writing the next. In editing those blog posts into this book, I have reorganized some content and improved formulations throughout.

In this book, I seek to provide an objective alternative to the following false alternative regarding the subject of sexual orientation: the mysticism of religion vs. the subjectivism of modern philosophy, modern pseudo-science, and modern pseudo-culture.

The original blog posts are here, but the book version is better! The first 10% of the book can be read for free on the Kindle site, or downloaded for free to a Kindle, personal computer, iPad, smart phone, or another device. You don’t need a Kindle device in order to read Kindle books.