Bruce Jenner Case Reveals Absurdity and Evil of LGBT Movement

Here is an important passage from my book, Masculine Power, Feminine Beauty: The Volitional, Objective Basis for Heterosexuality in Romantic Love and Marriage.

Of all the hoodwinking perpetrated by the LGBT movement, the worst has been to hoodwink decent people into believing that there are no important ideas underlying their sexual orientation. But there are.

This same kind of hoodwinking—this time, in regard to a person’s sense of self—is occurring in the case of Bruce Jenner, who made these statements in his interview with Diane Sawyer on April 24:

My brain is much more female than it is male. It is hard for people to understand that, but that is what my soul is.

It’s just the way I am, the way I was born.

This pair of statements is absurd.

Jenner is not claiming that the physical composition or structure of his brain is more like most female brains than most male brains. He is claiming that his soul—his thoughts, values, and emotions—are more like those of a woman than of a man. Then he is claiming that he was born that way.

But emotions come from values, which come from thoughts, and so Jenner is claiming that some of his thoughts—indeed, very important thoughts—are innate. That is, he is advocating a doctrine of innate ideas, which is absurd.

Here is something that someone should have explained to Bruce Jenner when he began going for therapy for this issue decades ago. No one feels that he is a man, and no one feels that he is a woman. A man knows that he is a man, as a boy knows that he is a boy, by a combination of perceptual observation and conceptual thought. A boy observes perceptual differences between men and women, boys and girls, and thereby forms the concepts ‘man’, ‘woman’, ‘boy’ and ‘girl’. A boy also perceives physical characteristics of himself, and conceptually identifies himself as a boy who will grow into a man.

A man may feel emotions about his being a man, or about his not being a woman. For instance, he may feel happy that he is a man, or he may feel fear about being a man; or he may feel a desire to be a woman, or he may feel a kind of comfort or relief or excitement when imagining that he were a woman. But no man can feel that he is a woman, or a man, or anything else for that matter. Emotions are responses, not identifications. A man’s claim that he feels that he is a woman is a claim of revelation: it is a claim that some consciousness other than his own has attached an identification to his emotion.

But perhaps Jenner does not merely feel that he is a woman, but rather thinks that he is a woman. What could be the basis for such a thought?

Jenner does not—or at least did not—possess any physical characteristics of a woman. He is claiming, rather, that he has the mental characteristics—the thoughts, values, emotions, and soul—of a woman. How does someone reach such a conclusion? How does one even come to understand what the mental characteristics of a woman, as compared to a man, are?

Such an understanding is highly conceptual. It requires not merely the concepts ‘man’ and ‘woman’, but a development of those concepts to a point that goes well beyond the identification of what men and women look, feel (to the touch), and sound like. It requires a conceptual integration of numerous observations of how men and women act, plus conceptual inferences regarding the values underlying those actions, plus a conceptual integration of how one acts—or would like to act—oneself, and why.

In short, Jenner is claiming to have thoughts or feelings that rely on highly abstract concepts: the characteristic values and actions of men and women. Can one be born already having thoughts or feelings that rely on concepts? Of course, one cannot. There are no innate concepts, let alone innate thoughts or feelings that rely on innate concepts.

To understand Jenner, or for him to understand himself, one must know the following: What are his premises regarding the characteristic differences between men and women in terms of their thoughts, values, and emotions, and in what way are his own premises about his own thoughts, values, and emotions more like those of a woman?

And the crucial lesson for the rest of the world to learn about this case is that none of these premises, thoughts, values, or emotions are innate. All of these ideas and feelings come from conclusions and evaluations reached—implicitly or explicitly—by the volition of Mr. Bruce Jenner.

But most of the world is adopting the opposite conclusion, and that is the fundamental reason why civilization is dying. Our civilization is coming to accept, more and more, that emotions are irreducible primaries, more fundamental than thinking, and not to be understood or questioned.

To understand the ruining of young lives by the transgender movement in particular, consider this dialogue, from the same episode of Diane Sawyer’s show, between Sawyer and Dr. Johanna Olson, MD, “of Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles, a pediatrician who now directs the largest treatment program for transgender youth in the country.” Sawyer is asking Olson to explain how (quoting Sawyer) “thousands and thousands of people know with certainty that their real gender is not the same as their anatomy.”

Sawyer: You say, born this way.

Olson: Yes. Just made this way. Made this way.

Cut to a video with Sawyer’s voiceover: And Dr. Olson says above all, being transgender is not a mental illness.

Olson: Genitals don’t equal gender.

Sawyer (voiceover): Our gender, she believes, is not really what we’re seeing in the mirror.

Olson: More and more, we’re looking at [the theory that] it lives in the brain.

Cut to a graphic with Sawyer’s voiceover explaining Olson’s theory: … parts of the brain somehow receive different [hormonal] information than the rest of the body.

Olson: The youngest kid that I have ever heard talking about their gender is eighteen months.

Sawyer: What kind of word can you use at eighteen months for this?

Dr. Olson: “I a boy.”

Children think conceptually when they are eighteen months old. That is how they are able to speak words and simple sentences. But neither conceptual knowledge nor values nor emotional evaluations are deposited into a passive mind by hormones. A human mind—at every age, including at eighteen months—makes conceptual identifications and conceptual evaluations by acts of volition. Furthermore, such conceptualizations can be mistaken, or even absurd.

This assumption—that a girl can have passively-acquired, not-to-be questioned, highly abstract conceptual knowledge that she is somehow a boy—is as mystical as believing that the child is the messiah.

Many of the “thousands and thousands of people” who allegedly “know with certainty that their real gender is not the same as their anatomy” are children who have been reassigned to the opposite sex based on thoughts and feelings described by the children themselves.

A case can be made that the LGBT movement is the single most evil ideological movement in the history of Western civilization, because this movement advocates and practices the purest form of mindless indulgence of emotion. For more about this movement—but, more importantly, for the antidote—see my book:

Masculine Power, Feminine Beauty


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