Ted Cruz and the Survival of Civilization

For generations, defenders of freedom have sought a Republican who would not cave in to Democrats and other statists, who would remain true to the principle of freedom. As in his solitary marathon stand to defund Obamacare, as in his condemnation of Republican leadership in Congress, Ted Cruz once again proved that he is a Man for All Seasons. Cruz declined to endorse Donald Trump, a fascist. The Republican Party is dead. Long live Ted Cruz.

Unfortunately, Ted Cruz almost certainly will not be our next president. Nevertheless, Ted Cruz has scored a great victory for freedom. Here is why.

The biblical story of Noah’s Ark is absurd in its resting on a message from a god and the power of a god; however, like much in the Judeo-Christian tradition, the story contains a kernel of wisdom. A society can become so corrupt that it will not be persuaded to change its evil ways. In such a case, the only rational course is to withdraw physically from that society (though one can still try to persuade from a safe distance), protect oneself and loved ones, and endure while masses of people in that society die of their own evil.

That kernel of wisdom also appears in the epic of wisdom, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.

It is highly possible that America, the foremost nation of freedom, will not survive four years of either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump as president. There are several specific ways in which a fall of America might occur. One way, the way that I think is most probable especially under Clinton, is that the United States would be folded under a larger international entity. Another way is a collapse of financial and social institutions on a national level. The internationalization of American government is but one pathway to such a collapse. Another way is an attack by our enemies: Russia; China; Iran, Saudi Arabia, ISIS, and other Islamists, especially through agents within our borders; or all of these enemies at once. Another way is that our federal government would take away so much of our freedom that we would no longer be America.

Now for the good news. Many Americans have had enough time to prepare—intellectually and practically—so that they can survive even if America falls. Enough individuals in some red states such as Utah and Texas understand enough about freedom to preserve it. They also have enough provisions and know-how to be self-sufficient economically, and enough firearms to defend themselves and their culturally rich communities.

And thanks to Ted Cruz, we now have at least one statesman who has been certified under fire to stick to his principles.

When a collapse comes, chaos will ensue. The sooner that order can be restored fully in parts of the country that respect freedom, the better. Many individuals will claim to be worthy to lead a new government. Now we have at least one such individual we can trust for the job.

Even if something happens to him, making him unavailable, Cruz has reestablished the standard—visible for all to see and understand—for what is needed in a statesman.

When we rebuild, we won’t need a ‘leader’, such as Trump or the Clintons, who claims to be the smart one who knows how to run our lives, the one who would tell us what to do, the smarter fascist who will make fascism work this time. We won’t need a leader of our society or our economy. We will need leaders only of limited government. We will need leaders of government who simply will do what we already know needs to be done: maintain objectivity in the defense of freedom. We will need individuals such as Ted Cruz.

What can rational, freedom-loving individuals do in the meantime, before the nation ends?

1. Live in a red dot of a red state where the good guys out-gun the bad guys.

2. Contribute to that advantage.

While we prepare for a collapse of national and blue-state societies, we must thwart four main tactics of the enemies of freedom—the Leftists—within our own government. These tactics, if allowed to continue, would bring down the red states along with the blue states.

The first Leftist tactic is to disarm the American citizenry—the most fundamental and important branch of our armed forces, especially against our enemies already within our borders—not only in places such as New York, New England, Washington, D.C., Chicago, and California, but everywhere in the nation. The second, related Leftist tactic is to import enemy aliens and their allies into every location in the nation. These aliens will be armed and militarized while freedom-loving Americans will be disarmed. It is likely that many thousands of militarized enemies already within our borders are lying in wait until these two tactics—disarming of Americans and infiltration by anti-Americans—are completed. The big Leftist cities may already be beyond saving, as Europe may be beyond saving. But we absolutely must thwart these enemy tactics in the red dots in the red states; these places are the arks of Noah, the gulches of Galt.

The third Leftist tactic is for our own federal government to use military assets—such as tactical nuclear weapons—to target red areas specifically. With a president such as Hillary Clinton or Trump, don’t think that such a tactic is impossible. Consider how many associates of the Clintons have ended up dead. Observe that Trump is still focused on destroying Ted Cruz instead of campaigning against Clinton.

The fourth Leftist tactic is longer range: through federal education, eradicate an understanding of freedom even in the red dots.

These four Leftist tactics will be difficult to thwart, because the Left—which includes Trump and his supporters—outnumbers the Right nationally.

The arks and gulches may never be as strong as they are right now: well armed and provisioned, not yet fully infiltrated by militarized aliens, not yet attacked by military assets, not yet brainwashed—and now with a proven statesman to lead a rational government.

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