Capitalism and America vs. Clinton and Trump

Capitalism and socialism are opposite social systems. Under capitalism, intercourse is consensual. Under socialism, including its variants such as fascism, intercourse is compulsory or forbidden.

Because I love America and respect millions of Americans, I still have hope that neither Trump (the flamboyant fascist scoundrel) nor Clinton (the female fascist scoundrel), will be president.

Both of these individuals are unfit in every way for public office. They are unfit ideologically, and unfit in moral character. In a rational society, one would be a dog catcher, and the other a pussy grabber. Or they would both be in prison. Do I even need to provide references or links anymore to support my assertions? Don’t we all know these things by now? The only things I don’t know are which one of these sociopaths is worse as an individual and worse for the republic. Can anyone really know those things? I think not.

How did we arrive at such a place? For a full answer, read Ayn Rand. Read her fiction. One could make an educational game out of identifying Ayn Rand’s villains who constitute parts of the characters of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Clinton is part Comrade Sonia and part Ivy Starnes. Who else? Let other game players name other parts, and the parts of Trump.

But here is part of the answer of how we arrived at this place. If a society rejects capitalism, rejects the idea that intercourse is consensual, what do you expect from officials in government? They will take and grab what’s not theirs, and they will force and forbid. And when they are caught red-handed, they will lie until no one objects anymore to the taking and grabbing, the forcing and forbidding.

America needs more Americans to understand capitalism. In the meantime, there is still a way out from Clinton-Trump. It is an unlikely way, because it requires many citizens to make a certain choice. But it is a possible way, because individuals have the power to choose.

The way is outlined by Tara Ross and Trent England in the article, “How The Electoral College Can Save Us From Trump And Hillary.” In short, each state legislature has the power to choose electors in the Electoral College by means other than by the winner of the popular vote in that state.

If either Clinton or Trump seems to win a majority of electoral votes on Tuesday, then the states constituting that majority have a means to block the apparent winner by changing their rule for choosing electors. Action by even one or two states could be enough the send the election to the House. Such action is constitutional, moral, and potentially a means to save the republic.