I Relocated for Politics

I relocated for politics. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. What I discovered was not only a better political environment but also a much better culture, which of course was the basis for the politics. I encourage everyone, whatever his politics, to consider an analogous relocation.

In my case, I went from a lifetime spent in blue centers of deep blue states to a red dot in a bright red state. If there were a country more capitalist than the U.S., I would have tried to move there. For those seeking socialism, there are many countries more socialist than the U.S.

Just after writing the above paragraphs, I went to a lovely and moving annual commemoration on Veterans Day. My neighbors love freedom, and many have fought to defend it.

If most Leftists really did move to another country, a great irony would probably occur. Trump would probably follow them. It is no accident that Trump chooses to live in New York and not Texas or Utah.

Every bad political idea and bad character trait of Trump comes from his embracing the ideas of the postmodern political Left: ideas such as authoritarian, paternalistic, socialist/fascist government; the seeking of gain by dishonesty and coercion; appeal to emotion instead of reason; and mindless sexuality.

Trump has one thing going for him. He does not seem to share the postmodern Leftists’ hatred of Western civilization. He does not seem to fall for anti-West ideologies such as multiculturalism, environmentalism, feminism, and anti-heterosexuality. Because he does not hate the West, he wants America—the pinnacle of Western civilization—to be the most prosperous fascist state, not the most abused and subservient fascist state sought by the Democrats.

Many Americans embrace Western civilization and, unlike Trump, understand that freedom—not fascism—is an integral part of it. In the absence of Trump and other Leftists, one such American would be president.