End Leftist Privilege, and Maybe Leftists Will Really Leave

It seemed like a nightmare when Americans elected a president with such evil ideas in 2008. Since then, the Obama administration has waged relentless and multifaceted war against individual rights—against the unalienable individual rights of life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness.

This blog has largely been a journal of the Obama administration. See here for all of my posts on Obama. See here for a one-hour talk of mine, produced shortly after Obama was elected, identifying the irrationality of his ideas. This talk is perhaps more satisfying to watch now, eight years later, with Obama leaving instead of arriving.

But the nightmare continues, and not because of Trump. Trump is no champion of individual rights, but he may buy survival time for America by curtailing immigration of America’s enemies and by allowing Americans to keep their guns. The nightmare continues because the half of the citizenry that supported Obama still supports him and his Leftist, America-hating ilk.

If Trump comes to be widely considered a failure as president, as he may well become because he is no capitalist, then the next Leftist administration might end the republic.

The government-funded Leftist ideology machine is too much to fight if allowed to remain intact. Government in the U.S. spends a trillion dollars a year, including $200 billion at the federal level alone, on ‘education’—almost all of it postmodern Leftist. Then there is funding for postmodern Leftism in the arts and the humanities, and even the press. And the federal government spends more than $20 billion dollars a year on ‘climate change’. And so on.

We have got to find a way to end this coercive gravy train for the Leftist brain trust, or else I think it’s over for the country as a whole; and the only hope for civilization would be that pockets of capitalism post-America might survive while the Leftists ate each other.

It would be a long-term process to free a new generation of Americans to become truly educated. But there would be another, immediate benefit to cutting off government funding for the Leftist brain trust: the Leftist teachers, professors, grad students, researchers, college students, and artists would lose their ‘job’. And then maybe a significant number of these Leftists would follow the kind of advice I offered in my previous post: maybe they actually would leave the country.

Merriam-Webster on the Internet defines privilege as “a right or immunity granted as a peculiar benefit, advantage, or favor.” By this definition, there is of course no ‘white privilege’ in America. But there is a great deal of ‘Leftist privilege’, as illustrated by the government expenditures mentioned above. Individualists—advocates of individual rights—need to push for every way possible for government to stop granting Leftist privilege.

To end Leftist privilege among intellectuals, we should push to curtail or terminate funding for government schools, university research (except for military research), student loans, the humanities, the arts, and the press. We should also push for an end to non-profit status, which penalizes property-owners and profit-makers in favor of state-owned property and socialist causes. We should also push to end FCC licensing, so that non-Leftist broadcasters would be free from Leftist regulators. (See Ayn Rand’s article, “The Property Status of the Airwaves,” in Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal.)

To end Leftist privilege for those in industry, we should push to end subsidies to businesses. Perhaps more importantly, we should push to repeal laws that grant privilege to labor unions—which generally are run by and for Leftists. We should repeal laws that require ‘collective bargaining’—that is, laws that violate the right to individual bargaining. In a free society, without Leftist privilege, labor unions would probably cease to exist.

To end Leftist privilege for unskilled laborers who want to live in luxury while remaining unskilled, we should repeal minimum-wage laws. To end Leftist privilege for those who expect government handouts for food, housing, and health care, we should chop off the handouts.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if millions of Leftists, having lost their Leftist privilege in America, sought Leftist privilege in all the other countries around the globe?

Of course, many Leftists will never leave America, because their goal is to destroy America, the main obstacle to universal Leftism. But some Leftists might seek to regain Leftist privilege wherever they could find it.

We should make deals with other countries to get them to welcome large numbers of American immigrants seeking Leftist privilege. Perhaps we could tell the other NATO countries that, if they want America to stay in NATO and continue to pay for most of the military power, they have to accept a quota of American immigrants who would forfeit their American citizenship. If these countries are willing to accept Muslim ‘refugees’, why not American Leftists?

Perhaps we could make a four-way deal with Denmark and Greenland to enable millions of Leftist Americans to relocate to Greenland, which already has a very Leftist government. Greenland would get independence from Denmark, Denmark would meet its quota of accepting Americans, America would be free of millions of Leftists, and the Leftists would get to live in a country called Greenland. The Leftists could coexist with the ‘indigenous peoples’ of Greenland, who use an unusually low proportion of fossil fuels. And if the rest of the world really did cause global warming, then the Leftists would benefit: Greenland would become green again, as it was when the Earth was much warmer than it is now.

If thirty million Leftists left America, imagine the kind of rights-respecting president we could elect in 2020.