Letter to President Bush re Israel

April 6, 2002
The President
The White House
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

I urge you to make a radical change to your policy regarding the conflict of Israel against the dictatorial and murderous regimes in the Middle East.

Peace is the wrong goal. Remember the words of Patrick Henry, when he disdained the goal of “peace” and declared, “Give me liberty, or give me death.” The correct goal is liberty–the preservation of liberty for Americans. And the liberty of Americans demands that we take the side of the defenders of liberty against its enemies.

There is only one government in the Middle East that defends liberty: Israel. Every individual, Jew and Arab alike, deserves freedom. But no Arab regime defends freedom for Arabs any more than it defends freedom for Jews. Arabs have a right to exist; the current Arab regimes do not.

We should not be seeking the amoral, impossible goal of peace between good and evil. We should be standing for the conquest by good over evil. America and Israel, for our own preservation, must conquer the Axis of Evil, which includes Arafat and his “Palestinian Authority.”

You should fire Powell the appeaser, and kill Arafat the mass murderer of Israelis, Americans, and Arabs. America, with the support of Israel, should conquer the entire Arab Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, using our nuclear arsenal and our other military might. We must seize the oil properties that the Arab governments robbed; these stolen properties are the source of the wealth these regimes spend on terrorism. The entire region should be made a colony of the United States. You should encourage brave and adventurous Americans (and others) to settle and develop this colony, as those in the 1800’s settled and developed the American West.

This policy is the only way to defend the rights of Americans from the savages who will otherwise continue to use Western wealth and technology, which they robbed from us, to finance and engineer their terrorist acts.

This policy has the additional benefit of being the only way to bring freedom to all those now living in the region. But freedom for other peoples should not be America’s primary concern. Our primary concern should be freedom for Americans, which is why I urge you to adopt this policy.

Very respectfully yours,
Ronald Pisaturo