Remembering D-Day

On D-Day, sixty-five years ago today, the United States and its allies Great Britain, Canada, Free France, Poland, and Norway invaded Normandy; thus began a campaign to liberate France and other nations of Europe from Nazi Germany.

On this one day, more than 1,400 American soldiers, and more than 6,600 Allied soldiers in total, were killed. But the U.S. and its allies won the day, and the War.

Here is a video interview of Arthur Seltzer, a brave American who fought for freedom on Omaha Beach on D-Day.

Between June 6 and the end of August, 1944, more than 20,000 Americans were killed in this invasion.

In the Pacific theater, against Japan, no such massive invasion was necessary, for one reason: America dropped atomic bombs on Japan. For an account of the great saving of American lives by America’s use of this great weapon, see this excellent video by Bill Whittle.

Today is also the birthday of another American hero, from the American Revolutionary War: Nathan Hale.