The recent rooftop chanting of Iranian protestors reminded me of Estonia’s fight for freedom from the Soviet Union; the revolution was depicted in this wonderful and very moving documentary film, The Singing Revolution.

The Estonians’ fight against the Soviets took the form of civil disobedience through singing. The Estonians were lucky: the Soviet Union was crumbing, and even Soviet leaders and soldiers were not as bloodthirsty as some of today’s evil regimes, such as the Islamist regime running Iran.

Tomorrow is America’s Independence Day, celebrating the American Revolution of 1776.

It is becoming increasingly likely that nothing short of civil disobedience—and perhaps even more than that—will be necessary to save the America created by our Founding Fathers. In my judgment, the next TEA Party should be more than a verbal protest and more like the original Boston Tea Party.

Do enough Americans have the courage to pledge their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to defy a government that is changing America into a socialist/fascist/statist society? If Iranians can defy the Iranian dictators, if Estonians can stand up to the Soviets, surely many Americans can stand up to the Obama regime.

Do enough Americans have the understanding of freedom—of capitalism—necessary to know what to stand for as well as against? Probably not. But even a chance for freedom is worth fighting for.

Tomorrow, I am going to celebrate the first American Revolution by thinking about what it can teach us for the next one.

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  1. Hi Ron,
    I watched “The Singing Revolution”. It was wonderful. A total, joyful surprise to me as I knew nothing about it in advance.

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