Presidential Debate on Foreign Policy

In the ‘foreign-policy’ debate, Romney was even worse than I realized. He wants America to bring peace to the world, in the tradition of Woodrow Wilson.

But Obama is unable or unwilling to conceptualize the nature of America’s enemies.

To Obama, Russia—a nation run by a Soviet thug, persecuting its own citizens for political crimes, supporting Iranian murderers of Americans, violating the rights of our allies, and possessing 1,500 or more nuclear bombs—is not a threat “because, you know, the Cold War’s been over for 20 years.” Presumably, Obama in 1935 would have said that Germany is not a threat because World War I is over.

America—under Presidents Clinton, G.W. Bush, and Obama—has un-won the Cold War. If we don’t fight it again, against both Russia and China, we will lose it.

Regarding Iran, Obama is even worse. Despite the Iranian regime’s murdering of Americans for decades, and calling for the end of America, Obama offers to forgive the regime if they change their minds and become our friends.

Obama fights Al Qaeda while befriending Islamist nations and other Islamist groups. Presumably, after Pearl Harbor, Obama would have tried to track down the individual pilots who dropped the bombs, while befriending Japan and Germany.

Obama’s reality-denying debacle in Libya speaks for itself.

Romney wants America to be a missionary nation, but at least he wants America to be strong. Obama says he wants to keep America safe—the proper goal of foreign policy— but he continues to weaken America and strengthen our enemies. Romney is a self-reliant missionary. Obama is an anti-conceptual professor.

I’m a selfish atheist, but I’ll take the missionary.

2 thoughts on “Presidential Debate on Foreign Policy

  1. Ron,

    What exactly are you reasonable expectations for a “debate” between two known (by this point, I would think the major presidential contenders are already more or less known by now) clown idiots, presenting to a citizenry of–well, let’s say my standards are very low for a debate of this kind, which is why I don’t have a TV and don’t watch political debates any more.


    Ryan Jamieson

  2. “I’m a selfish atheist, but I’ll take the missionary.”

    I am, too. But I won’t take the missionary. Nor the alternative.

    Having deliberated and dithered for months, I recently submitted my absentee ballot–with no choice made for President. I withhold sanction of either (or of any). This country is quite doomed, regardless. And the choice between perishing under the claw of one supremely stupid, or under the fist of one supremely malicious–is no choice at all; anyway, it is no choice that any civilized man can make.

    Moreover, having the misfortune of currently being a resident of the pathetic religious backwater that is the State of Wisconsin, I voted straight-Democratic, in the Congressional elections.


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