If You Like Your Promise

I have written numerous posts on the evil of Obamacare. This post distills the essence.

If you like your promise, you can keep your promise … unless your promises contradict each other.

Obama promised that you can keep your doctor and your health insurance. But he also promised to give away the time and property of your doctor and insurer to people who did not have health insurance. You can’t have your doctor and insurer, and give them away too.

In making these contradictory promises, Obama was also issuing this implicit command to doctors and insurers: If you like your patients and customers, you can keep your patients and customers. But you also must accept new patients and customers that you don’t like or don’t want or don’t have time or money for. And no one cares about you, because you exist to care for us. Besides, you have few votes.

To those now just waking up to the fact that their health care—and health—will deteriorate under Obamacare, what did you expect when you violated the rights of the very individuals who created and provide the health care you cherish?

The more that Obama tries to keep his promise that you can keep your doctor and your health plan—or a “better” plan, as he now promises—the more he will violate the rights of doctors and insurers, forcing them to work more hours for more patients and less money, forcing them to cut costs and curtail lives, and further driving the most independent-minded health professionals from the profession they once loved, until the only doctors and insurers remaining are those that only Obama ‘likes’.