Obama Bangs the Keys Harder

A few years ago, I saw a three-year-old child open a book of sheet music, place it on her toy piano, and begin banging on the keys. I immediately thought, “Oh, that’s Obama.”

Of course, Obama is not really like that innocent, healthy, normal three-year-old. Obama is the equivalent of someone who forces concert pianists to bang on the keys his primitive way.

Obama knows nothing of medicine, yet he thinks he can pick the people who pick the people who dictate to doctors how to practice medicine. He thinks he can tell doctors, dedicated professionals with decades of training and experience with individual patients, to issue prescriptions en masse for “the blue pill” instead of “the red pill.” (Remember that example, which Obama used in 2009?) After all, that’s what doctors do, right? They look at their patient, say “Hmm,” and then write on their pad, “the red pill.”

Similarly, Obama knows nothing about energy or education or “infrastructure,” yet he thinks he can “invest” countless billions of dollars—confiscated from private citizens—in these industries. After all, that’s what investors do, right? They meet people in their office and say, “Hmm, here’s a billion dollars.”

Undoubtedly, the three-year-old I saw has by now discovered her error, and has decided either to learn to play the piano for real or to be content with enjoying the playing of others. Obama, on the other hand, though he said this week about the failed implementation of Obamacare, “what we’re also discovering is that insurance is complicated to buy,” as if the professionals in the field did not already know this fact, just bangs the keys harder.