Health Insurance Is No Longer Legal in America

On the last day of 2014, my health insurance company informed me that, due to the Affordable Care Act (sic), my health insurance policy has been discontinued; and I have been assigned to a new policy, not as good as the old one, with a premium that is 80% higher. My insurance agent tells me that the insurers he works with are being forced to accept every applicant, and consequently the rates are roughly doubling.

Evidently, I am one of the producers subsidizing Obamacare’s looters.

Health insurance, a contract between an insurer and insured made by mutual consent, is no longer legal in America. Instead, we have income-based health taxes. My health tax is 80% higher than my cost of health insurance was last week, which was much higher than my cost of health insurance would have been under capitalism.

This outcome is no surprise. As I have written repeatedly throughout the course of the Obama Administration, Obama’s promise that you can keep your health plan and your doctor was an impossible promise to keep, because Obama was also promising to share your doctor and other doctors with millions more people. For my writings on Obamacare over the years, see here.

In one more touch of clownish dishonesty, Healthcare.gov refers to itself as “The Marketplace.” That is like calling a book-burning bonfire ‘The Library’. A marketplace is a place where traders buy and sell by mutual consent, not a place where sellers are forced to sell to anyone at a dictated price. Healthcare.gov is the coercive replacement for the marketplace that is no longer legal.

When I was a child in New York City, a doctor visit cost $2. A house call cost $5. That was just before Medicare and Medicaid.

But far worse than today’s higher monetary cost is its cause: the loss of freedom.

Happy New Year.