Republicans Accept Goal-Line Defense Against the JV

Last night’s Republican presidential debate was a disgusting display of intellectual and moral weakness by every candidate of the political party that is supposed to be strong on defense of America.

ISIL is indeed a JV team against the Super Bowl champ America—a Super Bowl champ being coached by traitors and fools.

In early 2003, before America invaded Iraq, I wrote an article from the perspective of a future historian analyzing the fall of America. Here is an excerpt:

America, after having seen 3,000 of its inhabitants murdered the preceding day in terrorist attacks that demolished New York City’s two tallest skyscrapers, failed to declare war against the foreign governments—such as Iran, Iraq, Libya, and Saudi Arabia—known to have supported many similar acts of evil. Instead of using its overwhelming military superiority, including its vast nuclear arsenal, to destroy the known enemies of freedom, the United States set about to restrict further the freedom of its own people in the name of “security.”

Just as “Social Security” turned out to be no security, so it was with “Homeland Security,” a “goal-line stand” strategy: Americans stood at their own goal line, letting their enemies launch attack after attack, and hoped to repel every single one of them.

I got it wrong. Our leaders have been inviting the “JV” to line up in our end zone—that is, our enemies have been immigrating to America in herds of transparent Trojan Horses—poised to stab our Super Bowl champs in the back of the neck.

In my 2003 article, I also wrote,

Even when America did take some military action, as in Afghanistan and Iraq, the action was tentative and self-sacrificial. American soldiers were put at great and needless risk in order to limit “collateral damage” to inhabitants of the enemy countries. Instead of resolving to seize the enemies’ ill-gotten oil assets and use them to pay for America’s war expenses, America pledged to give these assets to the uncivilized “people” of these countries, as if having been born in a country justified owning what foreigners (Western oil companies) had produced there. And every regime that was deposed was replaced by another one that proved to be almost as despotic and inimical to America.

I also identified the solution:

America’s problem with Islamic fundamentalists began when Americans, failing to defend their rational self-interest, put the fruits of rationality in the hands of the irrational by letting Islamic savages nationalize Western oil properties in the Middle East. For centuries, Middle East Muslims had been killing each other, but were not a threat to anyone outside their region until the West enriched, emboldened, and empowered them by letting them rob this wealth and spend it on wider-range killing. America could have ended the problem any time before its fall if it simply had the moral self-confidence to use its military might, including its nuclear arsenal, to crush the evil governments, seize the oil properties that the savages were using to finance their military and terrorist operations, and make the territories of the Islamic Middle East into American colonies, thereby enabling American adventurers to exploit and civilize this new frontier just as American adventurers had exploited and civilized the American West in the 1800s.

A much bigger problem than the Islamic fundamentalists were Communist China and offshoots of the Soviet Union. Decades of appeasement and support by America had made it possible for these regimes to acquire formidable weapons, and America’s weakness toward the Muslims taught the communists how to wreak terrorist—as well as nuclear—havoc against America. But the communists, though evil, were not as evil and blood-thirsty as the Islamic fundamentalists. Therefore, even as late as perhaps 2005, America had a good chance to avoid most if not all of the horror simply by having the rationality and moral resolve to condemn and isolate the communist regimes until they collapsed.

Now we are ten years past 2005, and now it is probably too late to avoid the death of thousands if not millions of Americans.

For the philosophical ideas underlying the above excerpts, see the entire 2003 article, The Age of Invisible Virtue.

Islam is not a race. It is an ideology. Islam is chosen by every single Muslim. The essence of Islam is submission—not merely the submission of the body, but of the mind. Muslims—all Muslims, radical and ‘moderate’ alike—are followers of orders. The Koran is a mind-numbingly repetitive order to submit, believe the unbelievable, and force non-believers to do the same—or else. It is against the ideology of Islam to respect individual rights. Some ‘moderate’ Muslims seem to respect rights, or follow secular law, but only because they are inconsistent or not yet powerful enough to practice Islam as they would. When crisis hits, or as the percentage of the Muslim population increases and the power of Muslims increases, a large percentage if not an outright majority of Muslims in America will choose radical Islam over America and freedom.

The Islamic plan to take over an enemy country by immigration is so basic to Islam that there is an Islamic word for it: hijrah. The story of the Trojan Horse as the means by which an epochal war was won—and lost—is an archetype of warfare and of history. Muslim immigration to Europe and America is a herd of transparent Trojan Horses become a stampede. We must not evade the clear meaning of what our eyes and ears are showing us and what our enemy is boasting of openly.

It took only eight Muslims to kill more than a hundred citizens in Paris. It took only two Muslims to murder fourteen Americans in San Bernardino, and to injure gravely many more. What will happen when Iran or ISIL or some other influential Muslim leaders call on the hordes of Muslim order-followers in Europe and America to emerge from their Trojan Horses—their mosques, their jihadi training camps, their home basements, garages, and bedrooms—and kill non-Muslims? A million Europeans will be slaughtered in one day. Tens of thousands of Americans will be slaughtered in one day. Every day that America fails to fight to conquer the Islamic states, instead admitting more Muslims into America, we are adding to that future death toll.

In 2009, I wrote,

The longer America delays, the stronger Iran and its allies grow, and the more Americans will be murdered by this axis of evil.

Even a rat fights when cornered. But a man of reason and courage does not wait until his loved ones have been murdered and his own survival hangs by a thread. He fights well before it is almost too late.

In the 1930s, free Europe tolerated Nazi acts of terrorism, infiltration into governments, and conquest. Europe was avoiding World War II, and paid a terrible price for it. America must not avoid World War III. We must win it.

It is probably too late to save some countries in Europe, such as Sweden. It is almost too late to save America. When will America declare war and fight?