Masculine Power, Feminine Beauty

My book, Masculine Power, Feminine Beauty: The Volitional, Objective Basis for Heterosexuality in Romantic Love and Marriage, is available on in paperback (list price of $10) and as a Kindle ebook (list price of $3). Just click this cover:

Masculine Power, Feminine Beauty

Here is a description of the book.

This book presents a theory of heterosexual romantic love. The book argues that heterosexuality enables romantic love in a way that integrates with all aspects of a man and woman, including masculine power and feminine beauty. Author Ronald Pisaturo identifies differences between men and women while recognizing the utmost intellectual ability, rationality, and resultant moral virtue possible in equal measure to each sex. He argues that sexual orientation is the result of volition in the same way that other values pertaining to romantic love are volitional: although we do not directly choose our sexual orientation, as we do not directly choose what personality traits will attract us, we do make more basic choices that cause our sexual orientation.

Pisaturo debunks the mainstream theories that “affirm” non-heterosexual orientations, and argues that objective cognition—in particular, the holding of concepts that clearly identify and emphasize sex-specific romantic values—requires that the concept of marriage refer only to man-woman relationships. Moreover, the proper role of government in marriage is as protector of individual rights—of the husband, wife, and their children—not as social engineer for the ‘public good’.

This book offers an objective alternative to the mysticism of religion and the subjectivism of much of modern philosophy, science, and culture.

An overarching theme of the book is that every individual should understand the personal, chosen values that are consistent with his own sexual orientation. The author offers, in good will, this challenge to all readers: “I can explain my sexual orientation. Can you explain yours?”

Here is the Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Heterosexuality in Romantic Love and Sex
3. The Role of Volition in Sex-Specific Sexual Evaluation
4. Judging Homosexuality—If the Law Will Allow It
5. Etiology of Sexual Orientation: The Mainstream Theories
6. LGBT Ideology: Evasion Propped Up by New-Left Subjectivism
7. Marriage as Heterosexual
8. Conclusion
Appendix: Why a Definition Does Not Mean the Concept that it Defines
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Masculine Power, Feminine Beauty